I have had a love affair with photography throughout my entire adult life. I only began investing time into my photography education in the past fifteen years. After a long bout with depression, after the death of my mother, I set out to find one beautiful thing to capture each day. What began as an exercise soon became an addiction. I take my camera with me everywhere. It has become an extension of who I am and I am a better person because of it.

I enjoy natural light portrait photography most but I always have my Canon 6ooEX-RT speed flash packed in my photo bag, an arm's reach away. I specialize in Portrait and Landscape Photography. I am enjoying the work of composites and miniature manipulation photography.
My children often accompany me on landscape shoots with each one carrying their very own DSLR camera.

Life is a journey, each one of us captures photos with our eyes but can we capture that photo with our camera? I am thrilled to set sail on this new journey and thankful that my children will accompany me.